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Do you qualify for Social Security Disability payments?

Every year, over 10 million people apply for Social Security Disability, and yet, less than a third of those applications are approved. That means you only have a 1 in 3 chance of getting the money you deserve, unless you understand how the system works.

You see, the Social Security Department is so overwhelmed right now, they routinely deny benefits to people unless their claims are perfectly presented. And since the system is so difficult to navigate, it’s hard to know the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, if you are denied because of incorrect information on your application, a missed deadline, or lack of proper medical documentation, it can take up to 2 years to have your case reviewed. In other words, it’s very important to get it right the first time.

By understanding a few simple things, you are virtually guaranteed to be approved, and can start collecting the benefits you are legally entitled to.

  1. These benefits are primarily for US citizens, 44 - 65 years old: If you have paid into the system and are a citizen, you are automatically covered by Social Security. You may apply for Social Security Disability at any age, but you must be from age 45 - 65 to receive the maximum benefits.

  2. It doesn’t matter how you became disabled: Your disability can be full, or partial, and can be due to nearly anything from a health condition to a car crash, even an on the job accident. If you are unable to work, you likely qualify.

  3. You must have a condition that prevents you from working: To collect Social Security Disability benefits, you need to miss 12 months of work, or have a health condition that will keep you from working for that long.

  4. There is help available at no cost to you: Websites like the Disability Application Center can help you navigate the often puzzling rules, regulations and application guidelines facing people who should be getting Social Security Disability money.
To get the maximum benefits, and ensure you protect your legal rights under the system, you are encouraged to work with an advocate or attorney who understands the application process, and can even apply for you.

The Social Security Disability Volunteer Advocate-Attorney network behind the Disability Application Center has helped over 400,000 people get the Social Security Disability money they deserve, and they can help you too.

Click the link below to visit their main Website, complete the form, and see if you qualify today. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Visit the Disability Application Center