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How To Find A Job Using Online Social Media

It's possible to find good work at home jobs locally... In fact, surprisingly enough it may be the best way to find a flexible job.

The problem for employers considering hiring someone to work for them outside of their office is an issue of trust. Is this person going to do what they say they'll do? How do I know they're working as much as they say?

Because of that, normally this type of job would be a results-based job. You accomplish XX, and your employer pays you $xxx.

Since trust is such a factor, by far the best way to find this type of job is to start with your family and friends and ask them to spread the word and keep their eyes open for anyone they know who could use a helping hand.

Tip: Sometimes, people don't know they need a helping hand. If you know an entrepreneur or who owns a small business that is always busy, offer to be their second pair of hands.

An overlooked way to spread the word while still relying on trust is through Social Media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

LinkedIn: If you're not registered with, go to their website and do so. You can search for friends or previous co-workers and ask to join their Linkedin networks. By doing that, other people who are in their networks can now see you.

Linkedin allows you to fill out your work history and job skill, so be sure to treat it seriously like you would a resume, to get all the possibly important information there that someone would need to consider you for a job.

Facebook: Everyone knows about Facebook of course, but not everybody realizes that it can be one of the best ways to get the word out that you're looking for a job. If you're connected with a lot of previous high school friends and people from previous jobs, shooting out an email or even a Facebook status could really get you some surprising results.

Twitter: Much like Facebook, it's another public way of getting the word out. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Another way to look for a job is to check job listings and job searches online. Be sure to check both local jobs and also any job that you could potential do remotely from wherever you live.

If you're looking for a job and want to do a quick check to see what's avaiable including work-from-home jobs, click here.

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