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How To Find Work-At-Home Jobs Locally

It's possible to find good work at home jobs locally... In fact, surprisingly enough it may be the best way to find a flexible job.

The two best methods of finding a work at home job are:

1) Using your own network of friends and family, and leveraging their friends and family (which I'll get to in a minute)

2) Something we're going to call "Work Arbitrage" because you'll be looking for work from home jobs where employees think they need somebody locally.

Let's start with #1:

The problem for employers considering hiring someone to work for them outside of their office is an issue of trust. Is this person going to do what they say they'll do? How do I know they're working as much as they say?

Because of that, normally this type of job would be a results-based job. You accomplish XX, and your employer pays you $xxx.

Because trust is such a factor, by far the best way to find this type of job is to start with your family and friends and ask them to spread the word and keep their eyes open for anyone they know who could use a helping hand.

Tip: Sometimes, people don't know they need a helping hand. If you know an entrepreneur or who owns a small business that is always busy, offer to be their second pair of hands.

Now here's the trick to #2: "Work Arbitrage"

In a lot of smaller towns throughout the U.S., you'll see ads for people and companies trying to hire people locally for something that could actually be done anywhere. The definition of "arbitrage" is taking advantage of a price difference in 2 different markets. So if someone is advertising for a web designer of an article writer or an accountant or any other position that requires a certain skill, they may have trouble finding someone in their small town to do the job.

That's where you come in - You can convince them that the job they're trying to fill can be done from anywhere, and offer to do the job from home (whether you're on the other side of the state or the other side of the country) on a "lets see how it goes" basis.

If you do a good job and prove yourself to be dependable and reliable, you'll be able to do the work from home and probably do a better job than someone they'd hire locally.

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